D1PW Championship Histories


Heavyweight Title

Bruce Santee d. Kenny King in Davie, FL 01/06/07

Billy Fives d. Bruce Santee in Davie, FL 10/27/07

Bruce Santee(2) d. Billy Fives in Hollywood, FL 8/16/08

Tommy Vandal d. Bruce Santee in Hollywood, FL 03/20/09

Bruce Santee(3) d. Tommy Vandal, Lou Cypher and Johnny Vandal in Hollywood, FL 05/30/09

Johnny Vandal d. Billy Fives in Hollywood, FL 10/4/14

vacant 2015

Tag Team Title

Black Market d. Cash Money Brothers in Davie, FL 10/27/06

Lifeguards d. Heartbreak Express and Cash Money Brothers in Davie, FL 03/03/07

Loggers d. Lifeguards in Hollywood, FL 06/13/08

Heartbreak Express d. Loggers in Hollywood, FL 12/05/08

Los Temerarios d. Heartbreak Express in Villa Mella, Domincan Republic 2/21/09

Heartbreak Express(2) d. Los Temerarios in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic 2/22/09

Sweet Rhythm d. TECH to win tournament final Hollywood, FL 12/27/2014

The Power d. Circle of Disrespect to win vacant titles Davie, FL 03/07/2015

vacant 2015

Caribbean Title

Falcon d. Scott Commodity in Miami, FL 11/11/06

Scott Commodity d. Falcon, Johnny Vandal and Logan Fernandez in Davie, FL 05/19/07

Vacant, Scott Commodity stripped due to injury 05/28/08

Tommy Vandal pins Austin Amadeus in 6 man match for vacant belt in Hollywood, FL 06/13/08

Johnny Vandal defeats Tommy Vandal in ladder match in Davie, FL 10/25/08

Falcon(2) defeats Johnny Vandal in Davie, FL 10/10/09


Cruiserweight Title

Craig Classic won 6 way match in Coral Springs, FL 07/28/07

Chris Jones d. Craig Classic in Homestead, FL 04/05/08

Johnny Vandal d. Maxx Stardom, Wade Koverly and Jaison Moore to win vacated title in Davie, FL 10/10/09