Hardcore Holiday 2008

December 5th, 2008

Fred Lippman Center Hollywood, FL

The Lifeguards defeated The Photogenics

Chris Jones defeated Mike Tobin to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Jaison Moore defeated Craig Classic by DQ when ref Andrew Wolf reversed the initial decision to Classic's attack on him

Chuck Aurin and Tiny(The 6'6" 350 lb protege of Rusty Brooks making his professional debut) defeated C.J. O'Doyle, Barney Rumble and Fabulous Frank

J-Dawg defeated Dash Maverick

Francisco Ciatso defeated Max Stardom

The Dark City Fight Club vs. Tommy & Ricky Vandal was a no contest after The Lifeguards interfered by attacking both teams

Lou Cypher attacked Maximum Capacity outside the ring prior to their scheduled match. Capacity was injured and unable to compete.

The Heartbreak Express defeated The Loggers to become the new D1PW Tag Team Champions

Bruce Santee defeated Chris Gray to retain the Heavyweight Title

Johnny Vandal retained the Caribbean Title by defeating Fantastic Dantastic with the help of outside interference by Lou Cypher. Maximum Capacity came out and chased Cypher out of the ring with his own chain and issued a challenge for a dog collar match on January 23rd.

The Sheik defeated Kevin Sullivan in the Extreme Christmas Tree match following a controversial ending that ended in chaos as both men destroyed a slew of refs and security.