2 Year Anniversary Show

October 25th, 2008

Davie PAL Gymnasium Davie, FL

A very enthusiastic crowd of 280 was treated to D1PW's most action packed show to date.

Jaison Moore defeated Craig Classic due to a distraction from Andrew Wolf

The Loggers defeated The Poppers to retain the tag team titles.

Chris Jones defeated Fantastic Dantastic to retain the Cruiserweight title

Johnny Vandal defeated Tommy Vandal to win the Caribbean title in a brutal ladder match

Andrew Wolf came out to campaign for the upcoming election for new D1PW commissioner. Craig Classic hit the ring and attacked and savagely beat Wolf. This was followed by Bobby Rogers coming to the ring to declare his candidacy by announcing he had already secured a match for the upcoming Hardcore Holiday. In that match, The Sheik will take on the legendary Kevin Sullivan.

Dark City Fightclub defeated The Lifeguards

Fabulous Frank defeated The Falcon due to interference from the assigned official Barney Rumble.

Maximo Estrello defeated Francisco Ciatso. Due to this, Amy Vitale must be Tito Puente's personal assistant for the next 30 days.

Maximum Capacity defeated Mike Mondo

Bruce Santee defeated Savio Vega to retain the Heavyweight title

Sammie Joe defeated Lou Cypher by countout, and was then attacked by Johnny Vandal. Tommy and Ricky Vandal, along with Falcon charged the ring and chased away Fabulous Frank and his army to end the show.