3 Year Anniversary Show

October 10th, 2009

Davie PAL Gymnasium Davie, FL

Craig Classic d. Danny Embry

Nick Primo d. Lifeguard Daron Smythe

Falcon d. Johnny Vandal to win the Caribbean Title

Romeo eliminated Joker to win the Future Stars Battle Royal. Other participants included Barney Rumble, Yurgae Petrov, Dash Maverick, Dirt Bike Kid, Troy Taylor and Psycho Joey Saint.

Billy Fives and Maximum Capacity d. Sean Allen and Tommy Vandal

Chasyn Rance d. Carlos Rivera

Johnny Vandal won an open invitational match to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion. Jaison Moore, Wade Koverly and Maxx Stardom started the match and Vandal appeared as a late entrant and got the victory.

Francisco Ciatso d. Prince Iaukea

Angel Rose was making an in ring presentation when she was attacked by a woman out of the crowd, who was later identified as Calypso.

The Sheik eliminated Casey Thompson to win the Ten Man Table Elimination match and become the new F.O.W. Champion. Other entrants in the wild and bloody match included Tiny Jordan Raynor, Big Daddy Gonzo, J-Dawg, Beast, Dirty White Boy, Craig Classic, Jason Trade and Psycho Joey Saint.

Living Legend Larry Zbyszko was also on hand to meet and greet the fans.