Standing our Ground

September 22nd, 2007

Davie PAL Gymnasium Davie, FL

Jack Manley d. Logan Fernandez

Dagon Briggs d. Eddie Taurus

David Mercury d. Scott Commodity by DQ - Commodity retained the Caribbean Title, but Commissioner J.R. James ordered Commodity to defend the title again later in the night

Jaison Moore d. Austin Amadeus

Hangtime d. Keith Blonde

Heartbreak Express d. The Vandalz after Johnny Vandal turned against his brother Tommy

Erick Stevens d. Scott Commodity by DQ - Commodity again retains the Caribbean Title, Commisioner James then ordered a rematch for next month for a no dq match, with Fabulous Frank handcuffed to James

Craig Classic went to a time limit draw with Jerrelle Clark, Classic retains the Cruiserweight Title

The Sheik vs. Torcher ended as a no contest after a wild brawl that concluded with The Sheik throwing a fireball in the face of Torcher

Maximum Capacity d. Cletus

The Lifeguards were scheduled to defend the Tag Team Titles against Sam Stash and Jaison Moore. Before the match Austin Amadeus attacked Moore leaving him unable to compete. Stash began the match alone, but was soon joined at ringside by his former partner David Mercury. The reunited team of Satisfaction Guaranteed controlled much of the match, but The Lifeguards used a chair behind the ref's back to escape with a victory.

The Falcon d. Brokeback Toby. Following the match Scott Commodity and Maximum Capacity attacked Falcon and left him laying in the ring. Fabulous Frank then took the microphone and stated that Falcon can have his title match if he can beat Maximum Capacity on October 27th.

Bruce Santee defended The Heavyweight Title against Jon Davis. Following referee Pez Merriweather being knocked out, Davis had Santee pinned. Billy Fives, who was in the crowd watching, came into the ring and counted three and presented Davis with the belt. Merriweather came to and ordered the match to restart. Santee immediately rolled Davis up from behind and hooked the tights for the win. Fives then came back into the ring and challenged Santee to a title match on October 27th.