Hollywood Havoc

August 16th, 2008

Fred Lippman Center Hollywood, FL

Chris Jones retained his Cruiserweight Title by pinning Remy Marceau in a 6 way cruiserweight scramble that also included Craig Classic, Fantastic Dantastic, Jaison Moore and Maximo Estrello.

Dark City Fight Club d. Nick Fame & The Bumping Machine

Maximum Capacity d. Francisco Ciatso. This was followed by Fabulous Frank and his stable attack and laying out Maximum Capacity.

Tommy Vandal d. Johnny Vandal to retian the Caribbean Title. Johnny stole and ran off with the belt after the match.

Heartbreak Express d. Dade County Collision. Sean Davis then took the microphone and proclaimed The Heartbreak Express as the greatest tag team in all of Florida. This caused the Cash Money Brothers to come out of the crowd and enter the ring to confront them. Security had to hit the ring to break up this heated situation.

Falcon d. Lou Cypher by DQ after the rest of Fabulous Frank's army interfered. This brought out new D1PW Commissioner Casey Thompson, who told Falcon he would allow Falcon to have a one on one match with any member of Frank's stable at the 2 Year Anniversary Show. Anyone who interferes in this match will be suspended for life. Falcon chose Fabulous Frank himself as the opponent for October 25th.

The Loggers retained the Tag Team Titles by winning a lumberjack match against The Lifeguards. The lumberjacks were all D1PW fan favorite wrestlers, along with ref Chuck Aurin, who were all wearing actual lumberjack shirts and gear.

Sammie Joe d. C.J. O'Doyle

Andrew Wolf won the Olympic Greco-Roman challenge by default when his opponent was unable to appear. Wolf was presented with a gold medal, and the US National Anthem was played. This brought out The Sheik, who assaulted Wolf as the national anthem continued playing.

Torcher d. The Sheik by DQ after The Sheik had used a large spike to draw large amounts of blood from both Torcher and ref Chuck Aurin

Bruce Santee d. Billy Fives to become the first ever two time D1PW Heavyweight Champion. Norman Smiley was the special guest ref in the match.