Living on the Edge

Davie PAL Gymnasium Davie , FL

August 15th, 2009

Jaison Moore and Barney Rumble wrestled to a time limit draw

Yurgae Petrov made his U.S. wrestling debut by defeating Beast

Johnny Vandal pinned Falcon to retain the Caribbean Title

Tiny Jordan Raynor defeated J-Dawg by disqualification

Shawn Prime defeated Troy Taylor

Francisco Ciatso & Craig Classic defeated Chris Jones and Maxx Stardom

Joker defeated Wade Koverly

Bruce Santee pinned C.J. O'Doyle to retain the D1PW Heavyweight Title

Fantastic Dantastic defated Dash Maverick in the mask vs. hair match. Maverick's head was shaved in the center of the ring afterwards.

The Sheik defeated Bobby Rogers in a wild weapons filled match

Following the main event, Billy Fives was attacked by former FOW stars Sean Allen and Blare Rogers. Fives and Allen proceeded to brawl all over the building