Against the Wall

May 30, 2009

Boulevard Heights Rec Center Hollywood, FL

Craig Classic d. Maxx Stardom

Bobby Rogers came out to make a special announcement. The FOW Heavyweight Title(vacant since the passing away of last champion Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig) is being brought back as a championship in D1PW. The next FOW champion will be crowned in a ten man table elimination match at the D1PW 3 year anniversary show on October 10th. There will be a series of qualifying matches to fill the 10 spots in the match.

In the first qualifying match, Beast d. Flex Magnum by co

J-Dawg d. Rusty Brooks & Tiny Jordan Raynor, as Rusty turned against Raynor and helped his son gain the victory

C.J. O'Doyle d. Jaison Moore

The Joker d. Barney Rumble

Fantastic Dantastic d. Dash Maverick

The Loggers d. Heartbreak Express by dq, titles do not change hands on dq

All-In from MTV's From G's to Gents made an appearance in the ring to greet the crowd. He was interrupted by Johnny Vandal, who claimed that he should have his own reality show. Vandal challenged All-In to a match. All-In said that he wasn't there to fight, but he knows someone who is. He called out Falcon who charged the ring and nailed Johnny with a spear.

The Sheik d. Big Daddy Gonzo. Following the match, Sheik attacked Bobby Rogers after Rogers refused to meet Fabulous Frank's demands of giving the FOW Title to The Sheik. Rogers would later announce that Sheik's qualifying match will be against Rogers himself.

Chris Jones d. Lifeguard Wade Koverly to retain the Cruiserweight Title

Francisco Ciatso d. Falcon, after Falcon was distracted by Johnny Vandal grabbing Falcon's sister out of the crowd

Bruce Santee became a 3 time D1PW Heavyweight champion after winning a 4 way match against Tommy Vandal, Lou Cypher and Johnny Vandal.