Pink and Black Attack

May 19th, 2007

Davie PAL Gymnasium Davie, FL

D1PW taped for Island TV last night in front of a super hot crowd of 362.

Eddie Taurus defeated Tequila Heat

Jaison Moore defeated Austin Amadeus w/Amy Vitale

Scott Commodity managed by Fabulous Frank won the Caribbean Title in a 4 way with Logan Fernandez, Johnny Vandal & The Falcon

Maximum Capacity w/ Fabulous Frank defeated El Hijo de barunko javier con dos perros

Cash Money Brothers defeated Sweet Georgia Peaches & Maxwell Chicago

Fantastic Dantastic defeated Lifeguard Wade

The 400lb Firebreathing Monster, Torcher defeated Chicago Maxwell

The Sheik defeated dany only in a bloodbath that was so brutal a fan called for the paramedics

Scott Commodity w/ Fabulous Frank defeated Norman Smiley

Eddie Taurus defeated Keith Blonde

The Dynamic Duo defeated the Lifeguards by DQ

Ram Man vs. Maximum Capacity w/ Fabulous Frank never happened as Amy Vitale brought out TJ The Bull Jackson to attack Ram Man

Jim Neidhart broke his ankle the night before and was unable to attend so Bruce Santee came out to wrestle Kolby Stern because "they both wear pink and black and are homosexuals."
Bruce Santee defeated Kolby Stern.

After Santee's win, The Warlord came out and challenged Santee to a match.
Bruce Santee and the Warlord battled to a double count out.