D1PW Thunder

April 18, 2009

Thunder Gym Miami, FL

Jaison Moore defeated Andrew Wolf

Big Daddy Gonzo defeated MKO

Blain Rage defeated Fantastic Dantastic with help from a distraction caused by Dash Maverick

Chris Jones defeated Craig Classic to retain the D1PW Cruiserweight Title after interference by Andrew Wolf backfired. Amy Vitale decided she had enough of Wolf at this point, and Classic and Francisco Ciatso left Andrew laying in the ring. Craig issued a challenge to Wolf for a loser leaves town match.

Falcon defeated Michael Mannix

Beast vs. Johnny Two Times was declared a no contest after The Sheik came out and attacked both men with a barrage of chairs and weapons. Fabulous Frank issued a challenge for any wrestler out of the back to come out and stand up to The Sheik. Big Daddy Gonzo accepted the challenge and came to the ring. The two men had a pull apart brawl requiring most of the locker room to seperate the two men.

Dark City Fightclub defeated The Lifeguards

"Tiny" Jordan Raynor defeated J-Dawg by DQ after J-Dawg had faked an ankle injury and took off his boot to give Raynor a low blow.

Maxx Stardom appeared to have defeated Johnny Vandal to win the Caribbean Title, but the decision was reversed when Fabulous Frank grabbed the video camera from one of the ringside cameramen and replayed the footage of Stardom using Vandal's championship belt as a weapon for ref Chuck Aurin. Aurin reversed the decision and Johnny retained the title by DQ.

Hysteria defeated Flex Magnum

Tommy Vandal defeated Francisco Ciatso to retain the D1PW Heavyweight Title.