April 5th, 2008

Coco's Nightclub Homestead, FL

Andrew Wolf vs. Kolby Stern vs. Havana Star was a no contest when Lou Cypher came out and destroyed all three

Damian(IWA-Puerto Rico) d. Super Gladiator

Johnny Vandal d. Logan Fernandez

Los Chulos(accompanied by Tito Puente Jr.) d. Cash Money Brothers

Chris Jones d. Craig Classic to win the D1PW Cruiserweight Title

Moonshine McCoy d. Bruce Santee by DQ

The Lifeguards d. Tommy Vandal & Falcon with help from interference by Johnny Vandal

Norman Smiley d. Tony Apollo

The Sheik vs. Steve Madison was a double dq, as they fought all over the building and then out the door onto Mowry Ave